Israel-Palestine Conflict: History and Complexity

Israel-Palestine Conflict

In the heart of the Middle East, amid the golden hues of ancient history and the vibrant tapestry of modern …

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Metric System: Its Impact on the Geopolitics

Metric System

Learn how simple measurements have shaped our world and fostered global cooperation. Embrace the metric system’s efficiency and standardization, making it easier for countries to work together.

Geopolitical Chess: Decoding the Dynamics of Global Power

Geopolitical Chess

Discover how major players like the United States, China, Russia, and the European Union strategize, form alliances, and make bold moves. Explore real-world examples, from the war in Ukraine to China’s rise as a global power. Unravel geopolitical theories like Mackinder’s Heartland and Spykman’s Rimland. Understand the impact of the climate crisis and global trade. Join us in this captivating exploration of global power dynamics and international relations.

What is Geopolitics? Beginner’s Guide to unravelling the complexity


Learn how countries strategize, form alliances, and tackle global challenges. Discover the magic of cultural diplomacy and the power of trade in this comprehensive beginner’s guide. Join us on this captivating journey of understanding and cooperation for a brighter future.

India-Israel bilateral ties reflect the autonomy of India’s foreign policy choices?

India Israel bilateral ties reflect the autonomy of India's

How India-Israel bilateral ties reflect the autonomy of India’s foreign policy choices? This question was asked in UPSC 2022 which …

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UPI in France: The Rise of the UPI Payment System

UPI in France

Experience seamless payments in rupees at popular destinations, including the iconic Eiffel Tower. Don’t miss out on this digital payment revolution!

National Interest is an Essentially Contested Concept? Recent Examples

Discover how different perspectives shape the understanding of national interest and its impact on foreign policy decisions. Gain insights into the complex and multifaceted nature of national interest, its dynamic nature, and the significance of this concept in international relations.

Uttarakhand’s Long-Grained Basmati rice: Gift of Modi to Biden

Uttarakhand's Long-Grained Basmati rice

Learn about the significance of this gesture and the unique qualities of Uttarakhand’s basmati rice.

The Great Twitter Relocation: Gilgit-Baltistan Users Find New Home in Jammu and Kashmir

Discover the implications, user reactions, and Twitter’s response. This article delves into the complex dynamics of social media platforms and geopolitical tensions.

Janet Yellen’s China Trip: A Diplomatic Endeavor

Janet Yellen Visit to China

This article explores the complexities and challenges faced during the meetings, highlighting the need for ongoing communication and dialogue.