National Interest is an Essentially Contested Concept? Recent Examples

Discover how different perspectives shape the understanding of national interest and its impact on foreign policy decisions. Gain insights into the complex and multifaceted nature of national interest, its dynamic nature, and the significance of this concept in international relations.

Same Prize Money for Men’s and Women’s Teams: Cricket’s Equality Revolution

Same Prize Money for Men's and Women's Teams

This landmark move promotes gender equality in cricket and aims to grow the women’s game. Read more about the reactions and significance of this decision.

Elon Musk Announces xAI: A New AI Company

Elon Musk Announces xAI

Explore the mission, goals, and implications of xAI in revolutionizing technology. Learn how Musk’s vision for TruthGPT aims to uncover the true nature of the universe. Stay informed about the turbulent times Musk faces with his other ventures.

India’s Lifting 415 Million People Out of Poverty: Remarkable Achievement

415 Million People Out of Poverty

Learn about the factors contributing to this remarkable achievement and the measures taken by the Indian government. Find out how economic growth, government programs, and social changes have played a role in reducing poverty. Read more to understand India’s progress and the challenges that lie ahead.

State Capital Region (SCR): UP’s New Plans

Explore the objectives, key projects, and budget allocation for this transformative project, set to drive economic growth and regional development. Get insights into the vision for the future and the potential impact on Uttar Pradesh’s economy.

India to Get More Rafale Submarines from France?

Rafale fighter jets

This article explores the significance of these acquisitions, their impact on India’s defense capabilities, and the expected timeline for the deal announcement.

Uttarakhand’s Long-Grained Basmati rice: Gift of Modi to Biden

Uttarakhand's Long-Grained Basmati rice

Learn about the significance of this gesture and the unique qualities of Uttarakhand’s basmati rice.

The Great Twitter Relocation: Gilgit-Baltistan Users Find New Home in Jammu and Kashmir

Discover the implications, user reactions, and Twitter’s response. This article delves into the complex dynamics of social media platforms and geopolitical tensions.

Constitutionalization of Environmental Problems in India

Constitutionalization of Environmental Problems

Explore the role of the Indian Constitution, landmark court cases, legislative measures, and the way forward for environmental protection.

Janet Yellen’s China Trip: A Diplomatic Endeavor

Janet Yellen Visit to China

This article explores the complexities and challenges faced during the meetings, highlighting the need for ongoing communication and dialogue.