The India-US “Hi-Tech Handshake” for Emerging Technologies

The India-US ” Hi-Tech Handshake” enterprise represents a collaborative endeavor between the two nations to foster synergy in the domains of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and other nascent technologies. This initiative was unveiled in June 2023 by Indian Premier Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden during Modi’s official visit to the United States.

The primary objectives of the India-US” Hi-Tech Handshake ” venture encompass the following:

  • Cultivate synergistic efforts between Indian and American scholars and enterprises in the realm of nascent technologies.
  • Promote the establishment of shared benchmarks and standards for emergent technologies.
  • Ensure equitable and beneficial utilization of emerging technologies for both nations and the global community.
  • To materialize these goals, the initiative will be executed through various channels, including:

Formation of a collaborative task force dedicated to exploring emergent technologies.

Organization of joint symposiums and conventions.

Provision of financial support for research and development endeavors.

The ” Hi-Tech Handshake ” project holds profound significance in fortifying the strategic alliance between India and the United States. Additionally, it is envisaged to capitalize on the opportunities presented by emergent technologies, bestowing mutual benefits upon both nations.

Enumerated below are some specific aims of the ” Hi-Tech Handshake ” initiative

Accelerate the advancement and widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing technologies in both countries.

Foster the application of AI and quantum computing for societal welfare, encompassing domains like healthcare, education, and environmental conservation.

Forge a robust and sustainable talent pool in AI and quantum computing within both nations.

Enhance cooperation between the research and development communities in India and the United States concerning AI and quantum computing.

Advocate for the ethical and judicious utilization of AI and quantum computing technologies.

The ” Hi-Tech Handshake ” enterprise is a long-term endeavor necessitating unwavering commitment from both countries. Nonetheless, it holds the potential to make a momentous contribution to the advancement of emerging technologies and the economic and strategic partnership between India and the United States.

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