What is Geopolitics? Beginner’s Guide to unravelling the complexity


Learn how countries strategize, form alliances, and tackle global challenges. Discover the magic of cultural diplomacy and the power of trade in this comprehensive beginner’s guide. Join us on this captivating journey of understanding and cooperation for a brighter future.

India’s Spectacular Performance in the 2023 Asian Athletics Championships

2023 Asian Athletics Championships

Learn about notable athletes like Milkha Singh and PT Usha, recent successes in the 2023 championships, and India’s aspirations for future endeavors.

India-Israel bilateral ties reflect the autonomy of India’s foreign policy choices?

India Israel bilateral ties reflect the autonomy of India's

How India-Israel bilateral ties reflect the autonomy of India’s foreign policy choices? This question was asked in UPSC 2022 which …

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UPI in France: The Rise of the UPI Payment System

UPI in France

Experience seamless payments in rupees at popular destinations, including the iconic Eiffel Tower. Don’t miss out on this digital payment revolution!

India’s Lifting 415 Million People Out of Poverty: Remarkable Achievement

415 Million People Out of Poverty

Learn about the factors contributing to this remarkable achievement and the measures taken by the Indian government. Find out how economic growth, government programs, and social changes have played a role in reducing poverty. Read more to understand India’s progress and the challenges that lie ahead.

State Capital Region (SCR): UP’s New Plans

Explore the objectives, key projects, and budget allocation for this transformative project, set to drive economic growth and regional development. Get insights into the vision for the future and the potential impact on Uttar Pradesh’s economy.

India to Get More Rafale Submarines from France?

Rafale fighter jets

This article explores the significance of these acquisitions, their impact on India’s defense capabilities, and the expected timeline for the deal announcement.

Uttarakhand’s Long-Grained Basmati rice: Gift of Modi to Biden

Uttarakhand's Long-Grained Basmati rice

Learn about the significance of this gesture and the unique qualities of Uttarakhand’s basmati rice.

The Great Twitter Relocation: Gilgit-Baltistan Users Find New Home in Jammu and Kashmir

Discover the implications, user reactions, and Twitter’s response. This article delves into the complex dynamics of social media platforms and geopolitical tensions.

Constitutionalization of Environmental Problems in India

Constitutionalization of Environmental Problems

Explore the role of the Indian Constitution, landmark court cases, legislative measures, and the way forward for environmental protection.